•   vivdaviva @asian_fl0wer haha my husband la @dannyojimbo 4y
  •   asian_fl0wer @vivdaviva hahaha..welp, does he have any friends? .jk. XD @dannyojimbo 4y
  •   kellbug21 My favorite:) 4y
  •   vivdaviva @kellbug21 thanks ya 4y
  •   carinakd Hello vivdaviva!! I'm from Argentine. I'll travel to Thailand the next february with mu husband and 3 daughters.I would like to know wich is the best island. People recomended me Ko Phi Phi and Koh Samui. What do you think is better? Thanks a lot !! I'll wait for your recommendation 3y
  •   vivdaviva @carinakd Koh Samui is more developed, they got better infrastructure, more convenient.. Koh Phi Phi is smaller, normally not so pack and more serene unless if full moon party n there will be music all night long. It's up to ur preference.. If u r travel with kids I suggest avoid phi phi during full moon unless they can sleep with all the noise 3y
  •   vivdaviva @carinakd may be u can stay in Samui then take a day trip to Koh nang yuan, Koh tao or Koh phi phi 3y
  •   carinakd @vivdaviva I appreciate your help. Thank you!! 3y

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