kingjames Love AirMax 2012's 3y
  •   shawn_brooks33 Wasssss goood bron? 5mon
  •   jackalger1234 @kingjames Jordan was better 4mon
  •   bowlerboy34 Nice 4mon
  •   jmoney_the_kvng I have those 4mon
  •   lil.aprill Ik this will probably never come to you. But I wanted to tell you something. My name Is April Tompkins. I am a Foster Child. I Have Been In CPS Since I Was 3. I am now 15. I've been put in only 2 different foster homes. I am not a trouble child . Everyone thinks just because Children that are I Foster Care are bad people. But that's not the case I am in foster Care because Of what my Birth Mother has done. She was on drugs very bad when my grandmother passed away. I just wanted to tell you that if you could. Could you do organizations for Foster Children. You know how yall have organizations for people that have cancer. Or is sick. Things like that but could you please have an organization for Kids like me. That everyone think so we are troubled kids and cause trouble. But we are as normal as any other kid that's Is not In CPS. I get made fun of cause I don't have the new jordans that's have came out. Or the new Kd's or the New LeBron. or Kobes or even Niles. I get made fun of because I wear hand me downs. But it's not my fault I can't afford things like that's. Once again I just want you to do an organization for kids in Foster Care if you could. It would really mean a Lot to me. Thank You. 3mon
  •   chuck_joao Hey james please folow me 1mon
  •   altazpointer Im about to get the blue since i cant not get two of them 2w

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