marshaambrosius UFO??? I'm waiting to take off 4/20 lol and saw something! Hweird :/ 3y
  •   nomad_revilo Did you smoke something before boarding? ;) 3y
  •   mmh_mmhgood ROFL.... 3y
  •   only1_venise Take me! I just sung the Breakup Song to my X. 3y
  •   afrocentricdiva Hmmmmmmm 3y
  •   reinawilliams The 3rd Instagram pic I have seen of something strange in the sky. 3y
  •   queen_teesha that is sooooo a helico 3y
  •   seanchin6o2 US airways prevented their employees from speaking about a UFO over a GA airport that was seen by a lot of people (pilots, baggage handlers, etc). o_O 3y
  •   seanchin6o2 So who knows... 3y

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