jimmiejohnson 1983 Barona Oaks. 4y
  •   vw4_life Love this!! 4y
  •   sean_hayes_73 @jimmiejohnson You still have the picture my dad took at Gordon's Well of you on your 80?! 4y
  •   dewcrew13 mr.johnson i need a very im portant qusetion answered i am 13 years old and currently live in texas and i want to be in nascar so bad i have a 3,000$ race kart and idk if i should go your rout threw dirt bikes because i love dirt and im not to good at carts yet so what would you do 4y
  •   _luke_w_6 Is that u jimmie 3y
  •   truman241 I have a 125rm 3y
  •   _fr3sh._.johnnyboy I have that bike except its motor 2y
  •   brennakading Do you remember my dad, Billy Beck? He used to off road with your dad and has lots of good memories with y'all. This picture made me think about that 1y

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