vegnews Eeeek!! Look what just arrived! Hooray surprises from @stickyfingersdc!! 2y
  •   carlsosebmx I want some... 2y
  •   tarajeanne love sticky fingers! 2y
  •   dnmppolitico Best Vegan Cupcakes EVER!!! 2y
  •   queenbknows I'm coveting.... 2y
  •   huggy29 I'm visiting DC right now and had the fortune on enjoying their baked goods. Amazing stuff!!! 2y
  •   kerynthai Those brownies are INCREDIBLE! The Whole Foods near me started carrying them, and they are LEGIT. 2y
  •   wakeupcaroline It's the first thing I dream about when I go home to visit DC...sorry family... 2y
  •   labellenuage Those look so yummy! 2y

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