•   ldphoto_ud Just saw this. Thank you SO much! 3y
  •   boulderron @ldphoto Your worth it! 3y
  •   ldphoto_ud How do I add photos? Do you have to wait until your gallery opens to set it up? 3y
  •   boulderron @ldphoto I went to your link and hit the "request gallery opening" button. Once you get notified that yours is ready there is simple step by step and it syncs with your Instagram. You can remove images after your ribbon cutting. Have as many people as possible go now & request your gallery be opened... 3y
  •   ldphoto_ud You've been such a BIG HELP! Thanks again Ron! 3y
  •   boulderron @ldphoto no problem!! 3y
  •   dafyciro Congratsssss....Help me please http://instacanv.as/dafyciro_gi 3y
  •   boulderron @dafyciro_gi you got it! Done! 3y

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