justin_fenton This 10 yr old was robbed of his bike by another juvenile. Police fixed up a bike from evidence control & gave it to him as early birthday present 4y
  •   kekobloven 4y
  •   candacetm nice 4y
  •   royc701 Hopefully he can keep that one 4y
  •   royc701 Wait what part of town is he from? Do they do that for a west side kid? 4y
  •   justin_fenton Clinton St, East side 4y
  •   jenni_beth_ For mr sarcastic I am a single mom of 5 and also a west side veteran officer.. I adopted a family of 8 small kids, 2 of the 14 year old girls in the family each have a child of there own.. I supply them with full meals each holiday school supplies, stop by randomly with pizza during the school year and take them Christmas gifts.. On my own.. For the last 6 years. SO I'm not sure what u are or are not implying but I struggle daily and still make a way, and I don't live in that community! What are u doing in your neighborhood?? @justin_fenton @royc701 4y

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