murdaone Yippee Ki Ay Motherfucker #brucewillis #diehard 2y
  •   smeggy12 How much you get it for? 2y
  •   murdaone @smeggy12 £8.24 brand new boxed and sealed 2y
  •   smeggy12 Dayum that's a good offer! Have to lend me them one time, never seen them or the matrix! Missing out on 'classics' 2y
  •   murdaone @smeggy12 yeah maybe, I'm not really one to lend out DVDs but you are missing out 2y
  •   smeggy12 But it's me so it'll be fine :) 2y
  •   murdaone @smeggy12 still dunno about it! 2y
  •   smeggy12 Pshhhh 2y

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