courtneyrae87 Gonna miss her :( 2y
  •   kalez14 The beautiful babyyyy 2y
  •   mkaczk Whattttt going to miss her why is she ok?! 2y
  •   courtneyrae87 Ya she's ok. Just came to visit me in Burlington and is going back to my parents tomorrow 2y
  •   mkaczk Aw thought you had her for good so hard they are like family members that never take down to you hahs a 2y
  •   mkaczk But still wait up for you to get home.... 2y
  •   mkaczk And ps I meant talk down screw auto correct :) 2y
  •   ambergetshi SO big since last I saw her!!! 2y
  •   courtneyrae87 I know she's a beast now :) 2y

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