shaun_s Magnolia 4y
  •   shaun_s @annubells thanks Ann! :) 4y
  •   shaun_s @repinsk thank you Rebecca! 4y
  •   luxuryphoto Very excellent Shaun! 4y
  •   shaun_s @luxuryphoto thanks Lee! 4y
  •   shaun_s I kept fussing and experimenting with new techniques on this one, I thought I might as well post it. ;) cheers gentlemen!! @compour @nikosx 4y
  •   shaun_s @christinekholm thanks so much Christin! That could be arranged. ;) I've never had to ship anything internationally before. ;);) 4y
  •   shaun_s @christinekholm I'm not sure how big you can go. I've done 8x8 inches. My guess is, if the quality and pixels were high you could do 12-14 inches, but I've never tried. I've had one show, so far where some of my work was for sale, however if requested it is possible. 4y
  •   ilvmayo Nice 3y

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