hrv2r Oh shit!! New pick up! #nikeallday #djclarkkent #112 #lebron8 #s7 3y
  •   hrv2r @johndoe8732 yessir!! 3y
  •   hrv2r @johndoe8732 yeah I had to sell some of my foamposites to cop lol 3y
  •   hrv2r @kscrill619 you got a pair too?? Yeah man, they are so nice in person. I don't think I should wear them lol 3y
  •   jordanjones2323 Which foams did u have to give up bro? 3y
  •   hrv2r @kscrill619 I might have to wear them. I don't believe in spending so much and not enjoying the shoes lol.. 3y
  •   hrv2r @jordanjones2323 I gave up a pair each of the limes, reds, royals and pines.. The rest I used cash lol lucky I have doubles of those foams lol 3y
  •   albertm_1 Noooo mother fucking way!!!!!!!! Good shit bro!!!! 3y
  •   hrv2r @albertm_1 lol thanks man. Appreciate it. 3y

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