•   randygbh @invisible_man82 dude that could be possible cause I remember this pic from weeks back! 3y
  •   ilegends73 Man are u serious @randygbh? That's real foul. Is it away I can go find it? 3y
  •   randygbh It's pretty much impossible man. Unless you go back through all the photos (thousands of them) 3y
  •   ilegends73 I just might have to @randygbh. Its no telling how many other pix of mine are there. Does the person name shows that uploaded it? 3y
  •   randygbh It'll show a name but it's legit like months old. Like 2 or 3ish tops. Idk how far back you'll have to go. 3y
  •   ilegends73 @d__amazing this the one Randy let me know someone stole and posted on the #acba Facebook page 3y
  •   d__amazing @invisible_man82 thats crazy do you know who it was 3y
  •   ilegends73 @d__amazing nope. Never found out. I didn't even know until he told me. U can check our convo on here 3y

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