so_mrs_g So Sad! Someone Needs To Paint Her Red 4y
  •   gladsheim "...RED as red can be...a lullaby to see...and to wander in all these dreams...that seem to be unfrozen close...and full of all this perfect scent...of the ROSE...and those who know to red us red...the perfect way..." 4y
  •   so_mrs_g @gladsheim And That's Why I Miss U 4y
  •   gladsheim #2in1mind RIGHT now I am startin' my/our EXHIBITION series...ROUTE will be from TO...and I thinkwill be planned nextLET's ROCK daaaaa WORLD 4y
  •   so_mrs_g @gladsheim Rock It We Shall! 4y
  •   __zedem__ Wow Pure beauty ! ๎„† 4y
  •   kristinsartfulsoul have a lovely day beautiful 4y

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