themuska What the? Chop went the mop yesterday. One handful one cut and done. #crookedeye 3y
  •   mack_scibek Yo ass look like Triple H 3y
  •   alburke90 Looks like your back in the fulfill the dream days! 3y
  •   ziek Honkey ass shit! 3y
  •   trezenski Dude you have like no skate photos do you still skate?? 3y
  •   raphaela_r reminded me of Christian Bale.. 3y
  •   gnarvinn muska! My fucking idol, If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be where I am today. 2y
  •   albertochacon05 hey peter smolik have instangram ? give me please , 2y
  •   albertochacon05 full fill the dream 2y

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