•   jonyap Nice. Did you use HDR filter to get the fringing around the dogs? 2y
  •   soshopaholic Cachorros demoníacos! Help! 2y
  •   m76r Concordo com a @soshopaholic 2y
  •   thornbury53 These apps, as great as they are, sure do give us much more to discuss between straight & manipulative photography. I still prefer straight with perhaps a subtle use of an app from time to time. As beautiful as some photographs manipulated with apps are - if not gone overboard - I still generally appreciate what has been accomplshed in camera. As much as I love the iPhone and the handiness of it, plus the fact that many wonderful photos wouldn't even sadly exist as a result...let's not forget darkrooms used to explode from time to time in the early years. I guess that's the evolution of an area of photography. Bring 2y
  •   thornbury53 ...It on & explore. I 2y
  •   wsan Atentos.  2y
  •   kalfai 2y

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