kellyosbourne Worlds most beautiful teacher! 4y
  •   __katelang Hey Kelly I thought you looked soooo good in the black dress you know the one that Joan showed on Fashion Police! Please try an reply to this Kelly! Thankyou soo much, your biggest fan! @kellyosbourne 4y
  •   hotchildstudio mattty momo 4y
  •   sjm24 Fancy coming to our school and giving a talk on attitude!!! Uk school?? How's your thyroid?? Mines gone- been removed!!! But feel better x x 4y
  •   hedleyholic Hahaha I wish I was their!!<3 4y
  •   applefi3ld hahaa cool 4y
  •   gavinmckew Alright Kelly, was wondering if you follow back ! 4y
  •   gritnglory Well miss ya MM! 4y
  •   syrinefatma @kellyosbourne Matthew is a teacher? I thought he was a chef haha 3y

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