•   guesswhutt Are you using Prang? That's the best watercolor to use! @googlygooeys 3y
  •   googlygooeys @guesswhutt Yes. It's Prang. I used to have a set when I was a kid but I had no idea how to use them until our teacher gave us a Prang pan this morning :) 3y
  •   ianaperalta love it :-) 3y
  •   guesswhutt @googlygooeys Oh, I see. When I bought Prang, I don't know either how to use it. So, I think Prang is for beginners and it also blends well with my watercolor paper. :) 3y
  •   googlygooeys @ianaperalta thanks for the encouragement  I was supposed to practice realistic painting but my hand would always go back to drawing cartoons. Oh well.  3y
  •   ianaperalta oh you have good hands :-) not many have been gifted with a talent like yours. 3y
  •   googlygooeys @ianaperalta thanks but I can't take credit for this one. The illo's inspired by the magazine.  you should check out the works of @vinylrain (quietgirl.net) Attended her class this morning  3y

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