•   jasonallenuk  Mmmmm, cake. Cake with chocolate. Mmmmmm. *drools uncontrollably* 2y
  •   tabicox Funny you should comment on this one @jasonallenuk as I made and ate this cake exactly a year ago today! Not just me eating it like that scene in Matilda obviously... 2y
  •   jasonallenuk So, a birthday for a cake.  Did you save any for me?! Imagine eating the whole cake! A sugar rush that would last a week.  2y
  •   tabicox @jasonallenuk a birthday which last year was relevant to me yes... And I wish I could say yes... Alas... It would be rather stale now. I'm making one for my father on Friday though so maybe some of that one! It's brownie, icing, sponge, icing, brownie, icing, sponge, icing, maltesars. I'm a cake goddess I tell you! 2y
  •   jasonallenuk Oh my, so many layers of goodness!! Brownie is utterly mouth watering. I know what you mean about birthdays that once were relevant, but no longer are. It's not nice. :( Anyway, another cake is on the horizon. That's got to be a good thing! I will happily agree, you are a cake goddess, a deity of desserts. Please save some for me!!!! 2y
  •   tabicox @jasonallenuk it was a truly amazing cake... You only needed a very very thin slice because its practically 2 cakes in one! Not nice.. I doubt a cake like this will make an appearance this year! Any horizon with cake on is a good one 2y

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