•   tfulto @sayjay711 hey it's cool, don't worry about it. I'll give these bands some more listens, maybe I'll be as psyched as you are 4y
  •   ttjack Hell yeah!!!! 4y
  •   jesselynnmiller @taylorfulton Give Sigur Ros a chance!! Seeing them outdoors will be epic!!! 4y
  •   yllibsivad This undercard is going to be amazing. 4y
  •   _hernanvalencia I love takin in new bands! 4y
  •   bri_monique93 Yessssssss!!!! :D been wanting to see these guys! 4y
  •   examinedlife @jesselynnmiller saw them outdoors at the Greek a few years back. EPIC Indeed!!! 4y
  •   godaygogo Damn this lineup couldn't be better cant wait for the headliners .. Wooo Fitz!!! 4y

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