susiestenberg Thank you for the masterpiece on my wall Savy! Now anyone know how to get this off? 4y
  •   mamalester Magic Eraser!!!!!!! 4y
  •   tat2slady Magic eraser!!!!! 4y
  •   vividathena Magic Eraser 4 Sure just had the same problem 4y
  •   jackiezee Hey do you think a magic eraser would work?!! Hahaha :) 4y
  •   marine_nells My son does the same thing when he gets caught doing something he shouldn't. lol kids are so funny and crazy. If the magic eraser doesn't work baby wipes are magic too. The will even get pen out of fabric *ahem like the couch 4y
  •   hilton83 Nice one Sav now we totally can't see what you did haha 4y
  •   mrswendtoffroad Magic eraser 4y
  •   lindymarieh Goo gone works awesome! 4y

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