gemmacorrell Spotted my designs for sale at Urban Outfitters Berlin #pug #puglife 4y
  •   _merys_ @bitanalogheart me partoo jejejje 4y
  •   foxxymissy Pug life. Get it? Like thug life. 4y
  •   timinthor Love it! 4y
  •   bondi_jemy Hello I am searching for a long this shirt .. Where do I get? 4y
  •   muu_picmie i got this one from england too 4y
  •   the350zbabe I love it. I have closet full of clothes & my bf thinks I need to go shopping because I love it so much I wear it all the time. But I should really stop since its fading with every wash. Nonetheless great shirt!! :) 3y
  •   tiffthestiff I have this shirt and the "Pugs Not Drugs" shirt. I have a pug and we take pictures with the shirts. I love them both!!! 3y
  •   shann_h17 Did you make a shirt that says pugs not drugs with a pug on it cause I think I may have it!!!!! It's like my favorite shirt @gemmacorrell 3y

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