leesamantha ❉Cute Deer❉ Spring my daughters said this is a weird looking deer 3y
  •   juliabcb Adorable! Beautiful work! 3y
  •   nonameoner Looks more like a cow hahahaha 3y
  •   kaicee87 You do amazing work. My sons would love this!! 3y
  •   q_v9 جميل 3y
  •   rainxdropsx It's looking kinda like what the heck is on my back?? Haha but still cute! 3y
  •   abood_h  2y
  •   carolechy @miss_caribou look!!!! It's a yummy caribou ;))) 2y
  •   sydneykubes I love your work! Do really make these cool things? 6mon

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