•   osh_93 @hybird_soldier though my friend never seen like them there ! 3y
  •   toqa3 BUT I WANT THE RAINBOW FILLED OREOS TOOOOO !!! not fair !! No me gusta , bro xD 3y
  •   toqa3 Screw studying in Canada , I'll go for USA for the yummy candy xD 3y
  •   osh_93 @hybird_soldier oh gosh are you going to see Justin Bieber in Canada :|?? That's awesome wallah xD btw I meant that my friend never seen one of these chocolates in LA though 3y
  •   osh_93 @hybird_soldier I mean Adam Gontier 3y
  •   toqa3 I'll go see Justin beiber when stabbing someone fifty fucking times becomes legal ._. but yay for Adam :D so they're not sold in KSA , or LA ? That sucks 3y
  •   toqa3 It seems like I'm looking for drugs , walla it seems like it'd be easier to find drugs xD ... I'm caught between my love for chocolate and my laziness that won't let me even look for it at the moment xD 3y
  •   osh_93 @hybird_soldier i know right :c it does :c 3y

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