•   seany_boi Fuck this day 1y
  •   jdukeb Alot of time and effort went into that @seany_boi 1y
  •   seany_boi I'm still finding balloons everywhere!!! A few weeks ago I blew one up I found in my couch... It popped and slapped me in the eyeball....sore eyeball for a day. 1y
  •   jdukeb Karmas fun isn't it? @seany_boi 1y
  •   seany_boi Soooooooo much fun. 1y
  •   jdukeb so just out of curiosity did you go through all my pictures or were you specifically looking for this one? 1y
  •   seany_boi I was creepin a bit cuz of that pic of ur dog u dyed all tiger styles hahaha I laughed. U did a good job. Ur special dog looks very special now . 1y

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