pdy In our backyard with the kids 4y
  •   julie_meric Amazing! 2y
  •   julie_meric Amazing shot and scale! 2y
  •   pdy @julie_meric thanks Julie (x2) 2y
  •   pdy @julie_meric I've been a long time supporter of allshots_ but never had a feature 😕 what kind of images do you look for? 2y
  •   julie_meric Ha! I must really like this to comment on it twice!!! About all_shots, any kind of images really, that's the whole point of the feed... I'm not in charge of the features though, the administrators are! 2y
  •   pdy I'm flattered you commented twice @julie_meric 2y
  •   sfennema Ha! Found it! ;) 2y

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