vanswarpedtour Warped 101 - First tip in a series - Don't buy tickets in the parking lot. They're often fake 3y
  •   duck_xanieeeeee Lolololololol 3y
  •   niku Why would anyone need to buy tickets in the lot? Warped tour like doesn't sell out. That's just common sense. 3y
  •   taytoremember they sell out, at the Vegas date last year they did. people bought in the lot and were denied entry. 3y
  •   jacqlynnalexis lol I did that last year..luckily they were real 3y
  •   hannahhyrule Hahaha. Yeah come buy tickets because warped tour always sells out. 3y
  •   oh_captain I sold one of the limited edition tickets in the parking lot last year because I had an extra because one of my friends couldn't make it. So they all aren't fake. -_- 3y
  •   casey_rtd I've bought scalped tix every year its easy to spot fakes most of the time they are real 3y
  •   blaa247 That's why I always get them at the door :) 3y

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