weareantianti Want this spankin #AntiAnti #wallpaper for your #iPhone or #iPad? Hit up http://wearefalse.com/media 3y
  •   bellaamore11 Have you ever heard of Tribal Seed? 3y
  •   ummarci What is this!!! Believe in Jesus! Lord and savior just my opinion he is beautiful and you should love him not hate him or feel bad and say these things.. @jesus_loves_you_ !!!!!!! 2y
  •   _jerseytoker what does Jesus have to do with "fuck the system?" I'm Christian and I honestly see nothing wrong with this @marciluvsu so find someway this is related before you shove your beliefs down everyone else's throats 2y
  •   ummarci @pushedxoffaxledge i just feel its wrong im sorr its just my opinion 2y
  •   _jerseytoker @marciluvsu I'm not saying there is something wrong with expressing your opinion but I don't see what the Jesus has to do with the motto 2y
  •   ummarci Exactly... 2y
  •   james.halbert Yea!!!!! 2y
  •   opulentputa Want 2y

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