annaalexia "who does this guy think he is?" 4y
  •   sea_bird You're at the Monterey bay aquarium?!? So jealous! That's my dream job! 4y
  •   annaalexia @chanelbird you should totally get a job there, the research they're doing is fantastic! 4y
  •   sea_bird I know! They started seafood watch too and I'm a huge fan of eating sustainable fishies :) I'll definitely be applying next year. 4y
  •   annaalexia @chanelbird my friend works there now and loves it. Let me know when you're applying and I'll put you two in contact. 4y
  •   rubadubhdubb Bah. Chanel my friend started seafood watch. If you want some contacts I can hook a brada up 4y
  •   sea_bird Whaaaaaat!? You're friend is my hero! If you never posted this adorable pic I would have never known you two have such good contacts! 4y

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