susieairheart Homemade chocolate chip cookie cake. I swear I gave up sugar. Just not today. 3y
  •   newschoolnomad_girlhero I've heard that too. I gave up sugar for about 4 years but started again a few months ago. The most enjoyable and worst decision (to start eating it again). My aunt was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (my mom, grandma, other aunt had it as well) so my odds don't look good so I'm almost back to cutting it out again. (I hope I don't sound like I'm dismissing your situation. I don't like it when people reply with "I". Just trying to say I get it in a small way.) 3y
  •   susieairheart @newschoolnomad_girlhero Nope, appreciate finding people who understand instead of saying it's crazy! Decisions are made differently when you're staring in the face of cancer. 3y
  •   lccotter Holy heaven! 3y
  •   missle Cancer does survive on sugar, but doesn't everything you eat turn to glucose so your brain can function? It's all so difficult to pinpoint one thing and I'm sure way more complicated than just eating sugar. Not that a lot of sugar is good for you, but I'd have to have better research on it! 3y
  •   missle Oh and glad you reiterated the ice cream - I thought that was a heck of a lot of whipped cream! 3y
  •   susieairheart @missle I strongly believe that cancer is not caused by just one thing. Trust me, no sugar isn't the only thing I'm doing ;) If anything it makes me feel like I'm being active rather than a walking target. 3y
  •   missle @balancesusan Oh I don't either - I strongly believe viruses are major culprits but not the only offenders. Every persons genetic makeup is different. Some get lung cancer from smoking, while I've known people who've smoked their whole lives that are cancer free. But I'm not gonna play Russian Roulette and gamble with my health! You can only do the best you can based on what is known (to a degree) and you are doing all the right things  3y
  •   kissmybroccoli! Gimme! 3y

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