a.rianarose having a "why the hell did I cut it all off?" moment. 4y
  •   a.rianarose @furious_love ha yeah, I was going to say that that's very Jack White of you. :) I'm a proud redhead. 4y
  •   _furiouslove_ @madethismess haha well that's good. Your kind is underrated. There needs to be more. . You know what, speaking of him, you know what's crazy is that I read something on either pitchfork or rolling stone, where his ex-wife sang back-up vox on of the songs on this record?? That's kinda nuts. Must be amicable.. But judging by the lyrics on this, he seems pretty messed up about it. Unless that's what he wants you to believe. 4y
  •   a.rianarose @furious_love oh whoa, I haven't heard anything about that. I know Karen Elson is signed to Third Man, and their relationship has always been a bit strange..so it doesn't really surprise me. Did you hear about how they threw a party to announce their divorce? Weird stuff. But yeah, songs like Love Interruption..I'd imagine that would be pretty awkward. I'll never be able to figure Jack out. 4y
  •   _furiouslove_ @madethismess Lol yes I heard about that "party". I guess they figure if you gotta go, go with a smile haha. And I think what makes Jack White so great and 4y
  •   _furiouslove_ What makes him is the fact you can't figure him out haha. 4y
  •   a.rianarose @furious_love Oh, I definitely agree. And I wouldn't want to know everything about him, anyways. A little mystery is always good. :) 4y
  •   _furiouslove_ @madethismess exactly. Kinda like Bob Dylan. No one has ever figured him out either. 4y
  •   a.rianarose @furious_love that's also true. I admire that. 4y

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