jmworks going back to Singapore 4y
  •   chunko_domo また行くのねーー 4y
  •   ryotukoro またねーヾ(◍'౪`◍)ノ゙ 4y
  •   jmworks どもでーす無事出国(・ω・)@wacamera @toykame @hogweeed 4y
  •   jmworks どもでーす無事出国(・ω・)@chunkodomo @ryotukoro 4y
  •   munerin フライトなんだ♪ 相変わらず天才は忙しいね~おつかれさまアイコンいいね 4y
  •   mlturbin The "like" is NOT fixed as you state. I know as the number does NOT change. I'm not using Statigram 4y
  •   jmworks @mlturbin you using webstagram, and the LIKE still not working well? 4y
  •   mlturbin @jmworks it is NOT Working. I tested it and it highlights but NUMBER on like of someone I follow does not register! 4y

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