dammit_leon I haven't been on IG the past few days while I start to cope with life without Leonard. To address a few comments, I would like to say that I will not delete this account, in fact; I will never delete this account. I do plan to make it private for a period of time while I sort out my feelings and figure out what I would ultimately like to do. I had been in process of putting together a photo book of Leonard prior to his untimely passing. A completion date is unknown at this time, but should be before Fall. I'm sure it's no surprise I have several pictures of Leonard...some never posted. While I shift gears to work on this book, I will post some Leonard photos on IG. I want to preserve and continue to share my memories of Leonard as it will help me with this process. As always, thank you for loving Leonard, understanding how important he is to me, and supporting me and my family while we grieve. Let's continue to celebrate his memory moving forward. Lots of love to you all, Mitsu aka Leonard's Mom #tweegram 3y
  •   poleninja13 Oh no. I was hoping this was not the case in that I had not seen posts from you. I'm so sorry. You've been having such tough times. Stay strong. 3y
  •   mugsey_chunk I think it would be cool to have a photobook of Leonard and all the witty captions youve posted. 3y
  •   rockinhair7 Nice to read your thoughts..... 3y
  •   emily_roberts89 Aww. Poor Leonard. He was such a joy on IG and I know he brought ten thousand times that joy to you guys. I'm so sorry. :(:( he will be missed very much. 3y
  •   jojomccowan I haven't been on IG in months and this was the first page I went to. So so sorry about your loss :( I was hoping I hadn't missed it but I'm glad the page is still here so I could know. I'll still think of Leonard whenever I think of IG. Again, I'm so very sorry :( 3y
  •   downtownarthurbrown I am so so sorry for your loss Mitsu. I just found out about this. I was sitting on my couch thinking, "there haven't been any recent leonard posts for a while..." (I haven't been great about checking my feed) and I got a horrible feeling. I am so sorry for your pain. As you know, I was a big fan of Leonard's and it was from him that I got the inspiration behind my Arthur chronicle. Please know my thoughts are with you as I continue to photograph Arthur and his antics. Leonard touched so many lives through your feed and made hundreds of people smile daily. I am very sad to know there will be no Leonard pics to look forward to. 3y
  •   valeriehaines My heart breaks. I can't imagine life without my Flex or Maggie. You will meet him again one day. Until them, remember him & he will be with u forever 2y

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