xtrox #badtattoo and unfortunately it wasn't just an outline Part 3 o 3 4y
  •   johnwarden This looks really good dude 4y
  •   xtrox @johnwarden I asked if he got any color and he said "no color, didn't go with how I got it done" like as if there's a style to this madness hahaha 4y
  •   xtrox I also don't understand what 22-01 means because I'm positive that's not a date 4y
  •   xtrox Just told me he spend $140 on that 4y
  •   youngdeathofme Extreme face palm. 4y
  •   operationm Oh no he actually did it 4y
  •   lyndseybeth Yikes that's awful 4y
  •   aliceisevil Bahahahahahahahahahaha @trapperkeepher 4y

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