trevlee Visited Yosemite Narional Park for a day. It was beautiful. My brothers and I climbed up pretty high up on a mountain to get a better view. I will come back here one day and spend a week exploring this park!! 3y
  •   susieleotaud This reminds me of the story about Noah's Ark 2y
  •   hunterkist You've come such a long way! @trevlee 2y
  •   taylorsellersphotography Pretty cool to see this. You said you'd come back and stay a week. Now you're living there. Never would have thought huh? 7mon
  •   trevlee Thanks a lot for pointing this out to me @taylorsellersphotography I never would have imagined I'd live here. It's amazing! 7mon
  •   taylorsellersphotography Wow. Thanks so much for the follow. I love adventure, and your story is inspiring! I hope to go to Yosemite in the near future! 7mon
  •   goodvoyage Sometimes, things just work out the way they were meant to be. Yosemite is gorgeous, can't wait for my return in April. It's been many years since I've stepped foot on that gorgeous land. 7mon
  •   shelleyrlee @trevlee Really cool Trev. 7mon
  •   mike_pgregory Haha little did you know 2w

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