•   shawnascottphoto Can you get friends discounts on the wine train? 3y
  •   shawnascottphoto I've never been on it 3y
  •   laydeeluckjen @shawnascottphoto I think so but it's not a ton off! 3y
  •   hopelesss_dreamer_ @laydeeluckjen your absolutely adorable. I adore your look and photography. If you don't mind me asking where are you located I would love to pay you for a photoshoot for a pinup look for senior pictures. 3y
  •   laydeeluckjen @forever_thee_sickest thanks girly!! I'm in napa valley California, about an hour from sf! Check out Facebook.com/artebellabeauties to see more work!! 3y
  •   hopelesss_dreamer_ Ah poo. I'm all the way in east Jesus Florida. Ha. And no problem. Your a doll well since your so far do you mind giving me some good tips on make up and hair and places to shop for the pin up look because I'm a clueless soul. 3y
  •   hopelesss_dreamer_ And I'll be sure to look at your Facebook page. 3y
  •   laydeeluckjen Check out pinup girl clothing, stop staring clothing for cute outfits! You tube has FANTASTIC hair and makeup tutorials just search pinup hair and makeup @forever_thee_sickest 3y

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