claudito_1 What an amazing experience #farrells #icecream #iprolens 3y
  •   cruzr87 We're is it??????? 3y
  •   zissou12 @klawdio1 how so buddy? There is one in brea and I see lines all the time 3y
  •   vintagedawl @cruzr87 lets roll sometime!! Was it packed @klawdio1 ?? 3y
  •   claudito_1 @cruzr87 I had my amazing experience in Rancho Cucamonga. @zissou12 I happened to get there at 230pm. Since today is my day off… I took advantage. 3y
  •   zissou12 @klawdio1 what's so amazing though? I believe ya and want to go but do I get a rub down with my ice cream or what? 3y
  •   claudito_1 @vintagedawl no it wasn't packed at all. Shit, I heard about how packed it gets… so I got there early to avoid the crowd. 3y
  •   claudito_1 @zissou12 i think if you ask for a rub down…they'll give it to you. These people would actually jump hoops for you. I haven't had great service in a long time. You should definitely try. Just go early. 3y
  •   zissou12 @klawdio1 sweet! Happy endings! 3y

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