•   chriscrosserx @juderizzo I miss my favorite face! What have you been up to?:) 3y
  •   juderizzo @chryslus been busy getting my little one ready for kindergarten...time flies!!!! I'm going back to school myself starting Monday as well, pretty excited!! How are you doing? 3y
  •   chriscrosserx @juderizzo working hard to get some things off the ground including the character your face is based on,hustling for new projects and looking for funding for my company...:). And time does fly.. Way too fast. And you're my all-time favorite face model now. Some people helping me saw your face shots and the guys said, "WHOA. Who is THAT HAWTIE?". I swear. Cant take you nowheres.:) 3y
  •   juderizzo @chryslus Haha!!!! That's awesome!! Well, I cant wait to see the final results! Let me know if you need more shots, would be glad to!!! 3y
  •   chriscrosserx @juderizzo I'll hold you to that!:) 3y
  •   dodelikesthings Great lamp, great pic  3y
  •   juderizzo @dodelikesthings thanks!!! 3y

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