greggzwirn In case you haven't heard... Instagram for Android! 3y
  •   jasmin.soto @oomandp don't feel bad, he's weird. 3y
  •   jackmauren @uandras hey u fuck face I don't have problem with you personally I just say what on my mind ok u stay away from me asshole. U have opinion I have my own I don't scream at your face at first time, u look like idiot if you attacking people like this....btw sorry for the f words :) 3y
  •   sonreirangeluz @jaszyyy I mean i'm kind of on his side that people shouldn't be sad/mad about instagram on Android and I think people with iOS are too proud to be "exclusive" and they don't like sharing. That's all 3y
  •   sojournerbrown @sidneyvdr claire will be happy!! 3y
  •   uandras @jaszyyy @misscurrier you don't really get it, do you? i was saying how lame it is to talk about android users like that. it's kind of racist. are you racists? if you are entitled to your opinion then android users are entitled to use cool apps like us. 3y
  •   uandras @sonreirangeluz thanks. good to see i'm not the only one. 3y
  •   jasmin.soto I didn't say anything bad about Android users, I simply said it should stay an iApp only. I'm obviously not the only one with that opinion. So let's not jump on the 'racist' wagon, @uandras 3y
  •   sidneyvandyke @sojournerbrown haha yeah she got one! 3y

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