piaa742 Have a great week IG! 4y
  •   piaa742 @nikon2859 hehe! Leftovers: KFriedChicken, Mac n cheese, potato wedges, corn n biscuits. N u? :) 4y
  •   nikon2859 Oh yumm! I haven't had Mac n cheese in over a year. Can you believe that? I had grilled reuben sandwich and a tangerine. Just so you know.. I like the California tangerines better than the Florida ones. So yayy for Cali! 4y
  •   piaa742 @nikon2859 I'm gonna have to try the Reuben sandwich someday and our tangerines are sweet! I like your meal choices..so good for the body! 4y
  •   nikon2859 Just a friendly reminder: No uploads since two days? Why? 4y

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