pootsmcgoots built in the 60's.. need to find out who's its maker, anyone with suggestions on how to find out let me know #nameless & #stringless 4y
  •   steveonson It looks like a fender jaguar. 4y
  •   pootsmcgoots @steveonson that's what I assumed it was when I first saw it but when I noticed there wasn't any name brand on it I second guessed it. so either the name brand rubbed off or something or it's just an imitation style. I need someone to look at it who might know. 4y
  •   pootsmcgoots @steveonson it's a Teisco. probably not worth more than 200 if that. I'm hoping to fix it but I don't think I'll be able to find the parts. 4y
  •   steveonson Word. I'm sure youll be able to rig something up. 4y

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