anjunagasm My theme song for today. #ferry #corsten #systemf #systemferry #wknd 4y
  •   electricphoenix Now that's the attitude to have! You never know, maybe you'll get signed by anjunabeats. That would be so effing amazing! I've always wanted to try spinning too, I have no idea where to get all the equipment from. Never know, maybe I'd the first female DJ in the top tens lmao! :p haha! Look out! 4y
  •   anjunagasm @anjunawee Yeah! That would be cool! If we Ever happened to be in the same place and I have an electrical outlet I could maybe show you haha but you live in Canada right? (I think you said you'll show me how Canadians rave haha :) ) It might be a little hard to do that, but you never know haha. :) 4y
  •   anjunagasm Oh yeah and is the place to go if you want it delivered to your house and for cheaper than usual. @anjunawee haha just in case you wanted to know. :P 4y
  •   electricphoenix That would be sooo cool! Yes! Hopefully our paths cross just so luckily! And yes, Canada! Haha! Kind of a far distance, but you never know! Lol! Oh sweeeeeeet! I'm definitely going to look and check everything out! Thaaaanks! :D 4y
  •   mrs_aguilar14 @snapple360 mines also says it all 4y
  •   anjunagasm @hello_bevy Sorry, but what do you mean? 4y
  •   mrs_aguilar14 @snapple360 my theme song of the month 4y
  •   anjunagasm Oh haha nice. :) @hello_bevy 4y

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