sergeyeremin Someone's new toy — #Ferrari Daytona 365 Spider, one of 122 ever made 2y
  •   wildnene Buen pepino 2y
  •   gilosarms Great shot! Definitely one of my favourites! 2y
  •   sydneyy_schmidt Wait what does that mean? 2y
  •   sergeyeremin @sydthekid35 The side that the steering wheel is on :) 2y
  •   calspec Still worth a huge chunk! Here in Manila it would cost triple! My GTCS actually starts at $70K over here  2y
  •   moveitquickly My favourite road Ferrari.ever.great photo. 2y
  •   moveitquickly They have a 365 gtb/4 in red at Hendon way should check it out. 2y
  •   sergeyeremin @moveitquickly I'm not really a fan of Ferraris, but thoroughly respect quite a few of them. 2y

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