whatsamadowithyou So Piggy Kitty, tell me... where were we. 3y
  •   ramieee_ Join us when ur finished 3y
  •   whatsamadowithyou @ahrameeee Lol. I just needed to level a bit more and try to defeat a Long Gil or whatever they huge dinosaur is called . But yea, I'm back... and eating if you haven't noticed. 3y
  •   whatsamadowithyou @jp1179 HONTO-desuka?! I've been wanting anything Moogle... be it a plush or charm. But what you got sounds totally awesome and perfect considering how Lighting did give Piggy Kitty to Serah as a charm which turned to be an amazingly totally super awesome, weapon changing, time altering, adorable and cute kinda charm if I don't say so myself KUPO!. Oh how I would so 's to have that charm. Can you upload a pic of it for my viewing pleasures... Onigai-shimasu 3y
  •   whatsamadowithyou @ahrameeee also I've felt kinda bad since I've practically neglected it for almost a month. Thanks to Skyrim and some Mass Effect action of course. 3y
  •   whatsamadowithyou Yes @charleylhasa it feels good to be back... in time... with them. 3y
  •   whatsamadowithyou @jp1179 HAI! mochiron. I was just about to ask if/where I can purchase it. Mucho Arigatou... mi tomodachi. 3y
  •   jpellgen I got mine at the place I took the Sephiroth pic. Fun shop in Tokyo called Square-Enix Showcase. I think that's where all the online stuff ships from. 3y

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