•   mus_nl Gorgeous! 3y
  •   carolannebrandt This is great. How you make paper plates look beautiful. :) 3y
  •   paper_xtc Thank you all very much! @mus_nl @carolannebrandt 3y
  •   lb9809 I took someone to see Andy Warhol in person one day, and my friend handed Andy a paper plate and a heavy black marker to do his autograph with... Andy Warhol was amazed, and enchanted! He asked if he could keep the marker, because that was what he should have been using all along (he said)... And the paper plate has been a cherished possession ever since... 3y
  •   paper_xtc That's a great story! @lb9809 3y
  •   sarahsomich Of course. The shot I like most in today's forum is yours. :) 3y
  •   paper_xtc Haha, thank you! @sarahsomich 3y

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