photooftheday PHOTO OF THE DAY 31 mar 2012 @yupik 4y
  •   blindingblue People getting uppity over cell phone photos. Awesome. I think it's nice to see a pic that hasn't been over-filtered to the point of being unrecognizable. 4y
  •   ronantjw @yupik Great shot! 4y
  •   erinkesler @photooftheday, it's very refreshing to not see the usual extremely over-edited photos. There is a place for them, too, but this is the first photo since I've followed you that hasnt fit that waaaaay over edited mold. Please, please start adding more naturally-talented artists, more raw images - artists and photos that showcase skill in photography/beauty/perception/framing/etc rather than skill in editing. Great photo, @yupik! 4y
  •   mytommi like the incipit of apocalypse now 4y
  •   tiffanirpb Great 4y
  •   liveandlaugh Great shot, love the black and white! Classic :)  4y
  •   yousstang Swaggg 4y
  •   leonardopetro Nice 4y

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