lylebphillips Like a son. @jeffjansen 3y
  •   melissamonamie Lol 3y
  •   lylebphillips This is a massive angelic gemstone!! @ryanskyrme @melissamonamie 3y
  •   jeffjansen Yeah it's a crazy true happening. Most cant handle it 3y
  •   sunshinerae33 Angelic gem stone!? Can you elaborate 3y
  •   lylebphillips @sunshinerae33 - a supernatural manifestation of heaven! Sometimes gemstones, gold dust, feathers will appear in meetings! This was one that appeared. 50 carrots. YouTube it or watch Finger of God on YouTube as well. It's been happening at Bethel too. 3y
  •   sunshinerae33 Yea!!! I've heard about this! What does your ring say around it? 3y
  •   lylebphillips @sunshinerae33 - its not mine! It's Jeff Jansens! I just took a picture wearing it! LOL! 3y
  •   igor_kinda It's Amazing :) had a chance to wear it too.. It's heavy !! :) :) 3y

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