bergdorfs Having a @marchesafashion moment. (buttons to replace zip in production) 4y
  •   adriens_closet Stunning 4y
  •   raemo1 Is that her spine 4y
  •   mageroo @raemo1 it's a zipper 4y
  •   raemo1 Should of waited for the buttons before posting the pic 4y
  •   justcallmeolu The zipper could work in a darker color that matches the dress 4y
  •   raemo1 That material is not meant to be Zipped or buttoned ... It's a backless dress 4y
  •   khristonj That's tough 4y
  •   bergdorfs @raemo1 it was a trunk show sample, meaning that production piece is made for the customer ;-) 4y

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