naomipq Guess which one is excited about running errands? 4y
  •   clovertaco Victoria, BC. I don't think Canada has any yet. Target just bought out all our Zellers (which were awful stores anyways) so they are all closing down and getting the Target facelift. Can't wait! 4y
  •   lycia_m Heeehee.. Cutie pies!! 4y
  •   naomipq @clovertaco oh cool! I assumed everyone in the world had a target. Haha. You'll love it! 4y
  •   naomipq @alymm 4y
  •   heylaurenrene Ha ha what great little shopping buddies!! I'm surprised you can contain the oldest in your cart!! 4y
  •   nalismo i was just talking about you with bryan naval! he asked how we knew each other and i said, just IG! he and i work together at apple and i was gushing about your lovely feed and cute brood. hope your ears weren't burning too much! small world. 4y
  •   naomipq @nalismo no way! Small world! Haha. Give him a big squeeze for me. I love that guy! You're also very sweet. Thank you for the kind words! I'm enjoying your feed too. 4y
  •   mirandasbungalow I have 2 little boys myself and I can relate to your pics . You really capture the essence of having 2 yourself. 4y

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