picmarv Spring Velvet #nycmatte formula for less than $2 Gotta Love Target 3y
  •   cicic I just bought that along with spring colors too!! I'm excited now great minds think alike! 3y
  •   picmarv @katr0yal the quality is definitely comparable to the hard candy and china glaze sucha steal! @cicic riighht?! I'm Lovin the new spring colors all the companies are coughin up onto the shelves! 3y
  •   cicic Yup! Had hard candy in my hands until I saw NYCs definitely a steal 3y
  •   sarita__j Oooh I like it!!!! Lemme hit daaat! 3y
  •   crystal.lav I have the same shades on except by Essie!! I like your taste spring time ready! 3y
  •   lahheenah I've been looking for that matte polish! 3y
  •   picmarv @lahheenah I knoww I went back to stock up but their always sold out when I go to target boo-urns 3y

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