•   shul_l my day!!! @tojamosyma 2y
  •   scottycee Thank you very much for all the likes, nice to see you back! 2y
  •   shul_l my pleasure :) @scottycee 2y
  •   c_block Hackney? Near London Fields? 2y
  •   shul_l @c_block bingo yet again!!! how do you know london so well? 2y
  •   c_block Obsessed and stays really close to there twice and walked on the street to get tithe cute little farm there. Yes was a wild guess but had a strong feeling. Miss it so much and I'll be Bach :) 2y
  •   c_block Stayed* to the* 2y
  •   shul_l @c_block you got amazing visual memory! 2y

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